Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Georgia on my Mind

While most people my age dream of partying it up on spring break in Miami or Mexico or something (not that I’m judging), I’m a little different. I’m a fan of exploring sleepy little American towns, cooking gourmet meals in a gourmet kitchen, hiking up mountains, hiking down mountains, and taking pictures the whole time.

Last year my family went to Blue Ridge, Georgia. It was gorgeous. Even though the weather was cloudy every day, and the temperature didn’t get much higher than 10 degrees Celsius, it was a great trip. We stayed in a beautiful cabin perched on the very top of a mountain, and spent the days exploring and the nights in the hot tub or around the fire.

I want to go again this year, so bad! Soooo mom and dad if you’re reading this, here’s a recap from last year to remind you how much fun we had. And if the Kloosterhof family is reading this, please consider coming too. ;)

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  1. So you can either reference this to OTH when they all went to Rachel's parents place (or discussing community living in our "dream house" on the way to Pitch one time) but in a couple years the friends should go here or somewhere like it for vacation - all take turns driving? Although I may not be the best driver since I get lost walking... but still. You sell it well and I like the idea of cabins
    (Pretty sure you know who this is)