Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sparkly Christmas

Let me set the scene for you. It’s dusk, but when you look out the window all you can see is white, billowing swirls of snow. You’re sitting on a feathery couch with a warm quilt draped around your shoulders. The Christmas tree in the corner of the room stands tall and glittering. A crackling fire in the huge stone fireplace lights the area in a golden, flickering hue. Your family and friends are sitting around you, sipping peppermint tea and laughing over shared memories of Christmas’s past. The air smells of apple pie and evergreen. And you think, what could get better than this?

I love Christmas. I’m a very nostalgic person, and some of my favourite memories come from childhood at this time of year. Anything to do with warm, cozy, sparkling nights spent with family is wonderful.

I remember it was the most exciting thing when we got to decorate the tree. We’d always do it at night, with the lights dimmed in the house and a fire in the fireplace. And my mom would put on the Amy Grant Christmas tape. And the best part was the twinkly yellow lights. My dad would always plug them in before putting them on the tree to make sure they worked, and I remember thinking that the massive pile of sparkliness was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. (That’s probably why I love anything glittery to this day.) Sometimes he’d let me wrap the string of lights around me, and I thought I looked like an exotic alien princess or something- it was the amazing. (You can probably tell I was amused by simple things.)

My family never went overboard with gifts. They taught us to remember that Christmas isn’t about presents; it’s about Jesus’ birth, and giving to others, and spending time with family. I’m definitely going to keep this tradition going when I have kids someday. It helps prevent the holidays from becoming a train wreck of stressful shopping, an empty bank account, and whiny, spoiled children.

This year I am living alone, and since I work in retail at the moment, I will be swarmed with those angry, stressed out shoppers I mentioned in the above paragraph. BUT I will not let this ruin my magical view on this time of year. I plan on decking out my apartment with cedar boughs and Christmas lights, baking lots, blasting Christmas music (Amy Grant, here I come), renting every classic holiday movie in Blockbuster, and trying to make it home whenever I can.

And mark my words, someday, when I’m married and have kids, my house and neighbourhood will look like this.

I leave you with some Christmas pictures that make me really happy.

Taylor Rebecca

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