Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Whole Lotta Workin'

I’ve been doing a lot of editing lately. Even though I’ve only done 3 shoots in the past little while, I feel like editing is taking more time than it usually does. Not that I’m complaining! I love photography, and editing is just part of the job. But I need to take a break, so I’m writing a blog.

Taylor Swift is 45 minutes away from me right now. I was going to go to Toronto and try to see her today, buut it just didn’t work out. One day Taylor, I will meet you, and you will love me, and we’ll be best friends. And I’ll probably be hired to come along with you on your Speak Now tour as the official photographer or something (haha).

Aside from photography, I’ve been working at a clothing store downtown to pay the bills while I’m living here. It’s good. I actually like it. But I cannot wait until photography is my main source of income and I don’t have to work two jobs anymore.

I’m making a birthday dinner for a friend tomorrow. Apricot & onion chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables, apple pie, hot brownies with melted ice cream, and whatever else I decide to add to the menu when I go grocery shopping tomorrow.

This is a boring blog, sorry. Life has been quiet lately. Work, editing, sleep, etc. I’ll have an interesting one up soon.

Taylor Rebecca

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