Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bruce County Pastoral

(Poetry from Grade 11, funny how much I hated the very same place that I now miss.)

Though it may have its flaws the scenery is beautiful, I’ll give it that.
With its soft sandy beaches and shining blue water.
Its world famous sunsets that create mysterious silhouettes
of the lazy boats in the harbor.
The abundant trails offer a sheltered solace from the sun’s heavy rays
Those trails eventually lead to the miles and miles of square feet of farmland
that dominates most of the county.

Unfortunately, the towns are so small they present no means of entertainment.
We find ourselves in someone’s basement, bored out of our minds-
or not even in our minds at all-
which leads to trouble that is usually refreshing.

The tourists that arrive in the summer act as if they own the place.
They think it is okay to dump their garbage on our lawns, destroy the dunes,
Steal our boyfriends…

Personally, I am anxious to leave. Get out of the bubble.
But I can’t help but wonder if I’ll miss this place.

I probably won’t.

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