Monday, March 7, 2011

Weddings and Georgia

I went to Walmart and got my favourite tea that I had run out of. White tea with raspberry. Now I’m sitting at my desk, chugging it (because I was going through withdrawal), and wearing my Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato boxers with my “Marry Me Joe Jonas!” homemade t-shirt from years ago. It’s a pretty sight.

I haven’t actually sat down and blogged about life in a while. I thought I’d catch you guys up. On a side note, I was stoked to find out that people actually read this! I had a girl come up to me who I didn’t know and tell me she always reads my blog. That was so so cool. Thank you. :)

 I’ve been working a lot at Sirens lately… it’s awesome because I’m finished paying rent, so basically all the money I make I can save… minus hydro and phone and internet and food bills. But still.

I shot a wedding in Stoney Creek with Melissa Miller yesterday. Love that girl. I contacted her before I moved to Hamilton last year asking if I could volunteer my assistance in exchange for some wedding photography tips. I was totally expecting to be the person who did the coffee runs, held the bags, etc. Little did I know she’d actually hire me to be her second shooter! I’m very thankful for the experience she’s given me. I’ve learned SO much, and I owe it all to her. There’s only so much you can learn from reading the textbooks, real life experience is priceless. Plus, we have a blast working together, she’s hilarious! If you live in Hamilton or the surrounding area and need someone to shoot your wedding, engagement, maternity, or newborn baby, contact her!

My family and I leave for Georgia this weekend! Soooooo excited. I’m already packed. We’re driving down in a convoy with two other families, and we all have cabins on the same mountain. I’ll take lots of pictures and blog about the trip once I get back.

I don’t know if it’s like this for other people (probably not because everyone makes fun of me for it) but whenever we’re about to leave for a vacation I get so excited that I throw up either the day we leave or the day we get there. I’ve done it since I was a toddler and we’d drive down to Myrtle Beach every year! Since I’m 20 now, I’m hoping it doesn’t happen. I bought Gravol to take the night before we go, but I lost it.

Even as I write this my arms are numb because I’m so stoked. It’s the weirdest thing. Maybe I’ll go do some yoga or something to calm me down. Anyways, just thought I’d share that tidbit with you guys…

Hope all of you guys are doing well! If you have any comments or questions about ANYTHING you can send them to my Formspring account, since for some reason my blog never lets me comment back to anyone. :(  

Love you

Taylor Rebecca

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