Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Apartment

I wanted to wait to put this blog up until I had my blinds and curtains… but it's taking way too long to find some. So just imagine that over my bed there's a pretty black wrought iron curtain rod with flowy cream curtains draped down on either side. ;)

I love it up here. It used to be my family's guest apartment above the garage, but since my sister stole my sweet loft bedroom as soon as I moved to Hamilton, they decided to give it to me. I need my own place, especially since I've accumulated so much stuff over the past year.

My favourite part of the room is having a bed that's right up against the window. At night I have a perfect view of the stars, and in the morning (if I'm up early enough) I can lie on my stomach and watch the sun rise. I also put a thick feather mattress pad under my foam mattress pad so it is the MOST comfortable bed to ever exist. It's like sleeping in a nest. I love it.

I still need to paint the stairs and put covers on the outlets, but I'll get to that eventually.

View from my bed and back window.

Hope you guys are having a good week. I shoot my first solo wedding on Saturday! I'm nervous, but really excited. Kelly's going to make a gorgeous bride. :) I'll be sure to do a blog post on her big day as soon as the photos are ready!

Taylor Rebecca

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