Friday, October 28, 2011

October Favourites

Here are some albums you need to check out;

Come to the Well - Casting Crowns
Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay
Ceremonials - Florence + the Machine

I spent a considerable amount of time in Shoppers Drug Mart trying to decide between buying a 50% off Revlon nail polish or Essie's twin colour for triple the price. Essie is such a reliable nail polish brand, but I decided to risk it and go for the cheap Revlon one. LOVE IT! So glad I didn't splurge. If you're looking for an interesting fall shade I highly suggest Revlon's Chocolate Truffle. Thick coverage, easy to apply, and it seriously looks like it could have been Essie's or O.P.I's product. 

This is slightly embarrassing, but my sister brought home a series of books the other day that I was bored and decided to start reading. Turns out I got addicted to them. They're The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. They remind me of mix between Twilight and Harry Potter (pre-movie phase) so if you liked those books, I guarantee you'll like these ones. 

Thanks to Rachel Foster who introduced me to this on our girl's day in the summer, I have been eating it almost every morning for breakfast since then. Go get yourself a bagel… whatever kind of bagel you like. Then buy some herb and garlic cream cheese and slather it on. Next apply either cut up cherry tomatoes or thinly sliced full tomatoes to the bagel, and bam, you've created a delicious sandwich. Mmmmmmmm

And last but not least, a new TV show started this month that is actually really really good. And it's from the producers of LOST, which was pretty much the greatest show to ever exist. It's called Once Upon A Time, and it's a fairytale thriller. Doesn't get much better than that. It just started so you all should probably go get caught up right now before you get too far behind. GO!

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  1. Albums: great choices! Nail polish and food - making me hungry. And tv show, another freaking good show this season that has me addicted, how are there so many?!