Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Holidays 2011

I figured it's about time I wrote an update blog on my life, seeing as a few months have passed without one. I hope all of you had a fantastic christmas, and a wonderful new year's eve. 

Despite the lack of snow, Josh and I had a beautiful first christmas together. It all started exactly a week before christmas. I had been in Owen Sound at a photo shoot, and when I got home there was a message on Facebook from my mom declaring that a little white abandoned puppy had shown up at their front door. So Josh and I immediately booked it over there, because it's not every day that happened. On our way I got another message saying that a second puppy had arrived, and that my dad had found the tire tracks on the road of the car that had dumped them. He said there was a man's footprints, then a box of garbage, then two sets of puppy footprints that had tried to chase the car and had eventually given up and split ways. SO sad! I mean, who does that?! Just leaves two helpless animals alone in the middle of no where? 

As soon as we walked in the door my sisters had already bathed the two dogs and were holding their trembling little bodies in warm towels. The larger puppy perked up instantly when she saw Josh, and Nicole handed her to him. It turned out to be love at first sight, because for the rest of the evening the two were inseparable. She huddled on Josh's lap with her face hidden under his arm and would only stop shaking and crying when he was with her. She couldn't even stand or walk because she was so terrified. It was obvious she had been abused, and now Josh was her only refuge. 

The smaller puppy took an instant liking to my sisters and my mom, and they decided that they absolutely had to keep her. Josh kept giving me hopeful looks about his puppy, knowing that I had always said that we shouldn't even consider getting a dog until we had our own house and fenced yard. But seeing the two of them together I knew that they had already bonded, and I gave in. 

That night we named her April, and she slept soundly for the first time in her little life right between Josh and I in our bed. 

We've had April for 2 weeks now and are completely in love with her. She's the perfect animal. Well behaved, smart, funny, cuddly, amazing with kids… she's never even had an accident in the house! Similarly, the dog my parents kept (who they named Milly) is just as incredible. It was meant to be that these two homeless puppies found us. We couldn't be happier. 

April & Millie on Christmas Eve
This year's Christmas was focused mostly on spending time with family. Great food, music, memories… Josh and I spent christmas eve curled up by the fire with April sharing stories of how much our life has changed this past year. He surprised me with pretty make-up brushes, books and body lotions. I gave him some xbox 360 games he really wanted, and money for his hockey-equipment fund. Christmas day was with his family, watching his little siblings squeal as they opened all of their presents. Since then, we've been spending time with friends and family, and last night for New Year's Eve we celebrated with my parents and sisters and 9 close family friends over delicious food, acoustic music and fireworks at midnight.

My life is truly blessed. 2011 was life-changing, and I know 2012 will be just as wonderful. 

Thanks for sticking with me!

Taylor Rebecca

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