Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mike, Britt & Midas

For the longest time (20 years to be exact) Brittany was my only girl cousin. She was my hero, and as a child I did everything within my power to be exactly like her- repeated everything she said, dressed like her, clung to her side whenever she was around… I realize now how annoying that might have been, but not once did she make me feel bad for it. Britt was the big sister I never had. I was so happy when she started dating Mike, the hilarious counsellor at Stillwood Camp in B.C. where we both worked, and ecstatic when I found out they were getting married. 

Three years later they added a new addition to their little family- Midas. Who, despite still being a puppy, is incredibly well-behaved. These are some photos I took during the holidays in the forest behind our cottages. (We've had cottages right down the road from each other our whole life.) 



  1. You wrote such beautiful words, Tay. I feel so encouraged and loved right now! You were NEVER an annoyance, believe me, I enjoyed (and still) hanging out with you as much, if not more, than you. Thanks for making us look half-decent and for making my day as well! :) Love, Britt.