Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Some of you have been asking me why I disabled my Formspring account. I'm going to explain here so those wondering can get the information at once. :)

I originally signed up for Formspring because I was getting a lot of people emailing me the same few questions about photography; how did you get started, where did you go to school, what camera do you have, etc. And I loved receiving those and being able to help them out! But then I realized that if I created a location where they could ask me those questions publicly, I could put more effort into my answers and everyone that wanted to could view them and discuss.

Once I started my blog, Formspring became a place where I could interact with my readers. I loved answering their questions about life and photography and giving advice when asked. The best part? I could help people who wanted it but were too embarrassed to reveal who they were. 

I started receiving constructive criticism, and I welcomed it. I like hearing others' opinions on my work and writing. I like becoming a better artist because of them.

Then I started getting some un-constructive criticism (is that a word?). I just deleted them at first, I didn't want hateful, rude things showing up on my account. Then the messages started getting worse… degrading my friends, my marriage, my life choices, my family...

I'm a strong person and I can handle cruelty, but when you start involving the people I love? That's when I decided that Formspring was stupid. I think it's cowardly to hide behind an anonymous mask and make harsh and disgusting judgements towards someone you barely know. If you honestly have those terrible feelings, the least you could do is reveal who you are so we can discuss your anger and hatred like civilized people, privately.

I am truly sorry to those of you who did not abuse this website. I made great friends, learned a lot, and will miss your input in my life. 

I've decided to completely eliminate anonymous posting, except on this blog where there is comment approval. And for anyone who still wants to talk, email me at I don't judge. I am against hate. Don't be embarrassed to email me so we can still discuss life issues in a private and confidential location.

Taylor Rebecca


  1. I recently stumbled across your blog, after stumbling across your (stunning) photos. I'm a writer myself and found myself going back through your entries... compelled by your talent and the wonderful person you seem to be. This isn't the first time I've wondered why these mystery people seem to pick on you or bring you down. Then I realized, unhappy people (especially anonymously) bringing others down, is just another crappy form of bullying. I don't know you in person but can't think of a single reason why people wouldn't want to admire and think well of what you appear to stand for, and how you speak (write) of others. I'm glad these bullies aren't bringing you down... their lives must just be unhealthy and sad to live. You have at least one follower in me, who is following a stranger simply because your values, stories and dreams are so eloquently and humbly put, that I choose to make the time to check in with your page and have a little happy flicker in my day made because of it. All the power to you, and best wishes.

  2. Thank you so so much for this incredibly kind comment. This actually made me tear up. Wow, I feel so blessed to have people like you that read my blog. Thank you. <3