Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 8 - A Bad Habit

This is a hideous habit of mine. When I was in grade three we had an assignment to make our own candy and then present it to the class with a jingle and commercial. I was so proud of my creation: brown sugar, melted butter & crushed KitKat bars mushed together into a tiny square. I forget what I called it. But I remember butchering the jingle in front of the class… still got an A though. :)

Unfortunately, the candy was so good that to this day I make it on the odd occasion.  Okay. At least once a week. It truly is a bad habit. I could probably be featured on My Strange Addiction. But in my defence, I have cut out most sugar and fatty foods from my diet, so this is just a little cheat when I get a sweet craving!

I didn't have KitKats in my house today, but here is my attempt at showing you how I make it...

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