Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Social Media

Here are some ways we can interact through Social Media! I thought it was about time I posted something like this. (Click on a highlighted link if you wish to check out any of these websites. It will open a new window.)

First, my Pinterest page. This site is my guilty pleasure. I absolutely love creating boards of photo inspiration, travel plans, branding ideas, amazing recipes, beautiful home decor, adorable animals, etc: 

Next, Twitter. I feel like I can share so much more on Twitter than I can on Facebook without being annoying. Here you'll find updates and photos about my daily life- the good, bad and ugly. ;)

My Tumblr page is a massive compilation of photos that inspire me. None of them are my own, they are simply re-posted from other talented artists and bloggers: 

My Facebook Fan Page is where all the pictures from my photo shoots are stored in albums. I also give a few updates about upcoming shoots, as well as connect with clients and friends:

And of course there is my actual website where you can find my portfolios and prices:

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