Sunday, March 17, 2013

Coffin Ridge Winery

On a cold, snowy day in March my dad took me on a father-daughter date to Coffin Ridge Winery. We want to start our own little vineyard this year, and thought the tour and seminar would be a fun, educational experience for us.

The place is gorgeous. Sprawling vineyards with the ridge and lake as a backdrop. A beautiful restaurant overlooking the landscape. Everything was designed and decorated with rustic elegance. I was in heaven.

We began with the tour, and then ventured out into the snow to learn how to prune the vines.  After a while the ladies and I returned to the restaurant to begin our tasting, while dad and a few others stayed outside to master the art of pruning. (Harder than you might think. I'm glad he's an expert now, because I was really struggling. One lady joked that we would be responsible for the downfall of the vineyard that year because of our horrible pruning skills.)

They let us try three of their most popular wines. Into the Light White, Resurrection Rose, and Marquette. All three were fantastic. Once we finished our tasting they poured us a glass of our favourite- mine was the white.

Then we all sat down with our wine and they served us a delicious vintner plate- lavender honey, an assortment of fine cheese, bread, smoked bison, dark chocolate, dried fruit... The most interesting people show up at wineries. I loved getting to know them and hearing their stories of travel and culture.

It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. We left inspired and ready try our hand at creating a winery of our own.

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