Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shelby & Kristen

I was one of four students from our tiny elementary school that transferred to SDSS. I hated the idea of starting all over again at a new school. Upon arriving at my english class, I noticed a cheerful, welcoming face in the back row. That girl was Kristen, and she quickly became my first friend in high school. Side note: Shelby was also in that class and I remember he had the reputation of being 'the class clown'. ;)

Four years went by and Kristen and Shelby became good friends. All of us girls knew there was chemistry between them, though. Finally, in grade twelve, he asked her to prom. The rest is history. 

Their engagement shoot captured Kristen's home-town essence perfectly. We started off at the Southampton lighthouse to take some coastal-styled pictures (the same location Shelby proposed!). Then we moved to the Bruce County museum, Fairy Lake, the old Southampton factory market, and finished at the main beach downtown. These two are so photogenic. 

I'm excited to be spending their big day with them in August! Enjoy your sneak peeks.

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