Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Steve & Shelby's Wedding

Despite the rainy weather, Steve and Shelby's wedding was absolutely beautiful. 

Something that stood out to me was the cozy local feeling that was embraced in the details: having Steve's firefighting team present, with a firetruck, celebrating the beach in the rain, transforming the Sauble Community Centre into a gorgeous, glittering sanctuary… I loved every minute of it!

Steve and Shelby, thank you for having me as your photographer. You two are a pleasure to hang out with, and your love and excitement for each other was so fun to capture in images. Congratulations on becoming husband and wife!

And shout-out to my amazing assistant Bobbie for bringing a ton of cool props and keeping us organized! :)

Enjoy the sneak peeks. 

(Please allow a few minutes for the photos to load. Photo quality decreased during upload. )