Monday, November 25, 2013

Florida 2013

I just arrived home from an incredible week-long vacation in Florida with our friends Derek & Bobbie. (Who I'm sure you'd recognize here and here.)

This sunny, relaxing trip was exactly what I needed. Consider me fully restored and ready to get back to work! 

The journey began in Orlando, where we stayed at the beautiful Sheraton Maitland. It was definitely a "business person" hotel, so we had the gorgeous pool all to ourselves for 4 days. We spent time at the Wet 'N Wild water park, as well as Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure. (Let me add, the Harry Potter and Spiderman 3D rides rocked my world. Amazing.)

Next we drove to Ocala and snorkelled the spring. It was a hidden paradise of sparkling blue water, palm trees, and thousands of fish. Even though it POURED rain, it was unbelievable to be there.

Finally, we finished the road trip in Daytona Beach. We relaxed by the pool, body surfed monster waves in the warm ocean, and wandered along the sandy coastline. The perfect way to end a great trip.

Here are some of the photos I managed to take! Derek and Bobbie, thanks for being amazing tour guides. I loved spending time with you and can't wait for the next adventure together! (Cough cough St. Lucia cough cough.)

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