Friday, November 15, 2013

Joel & Erica

On a fall evening when some of the most gorgeous threatening storm clouds I'd ever seen hugged the horizon, I had booked a shoot with Joel and Erica at his parents' farm in rural Grey County. (Joel is the younger brother of Julia, who's amazing winter wedding I shot last December!) Luckily, the storm didn't hit us, and instead provided some incredible backdrops and dramatic lighting for our session. Win!

I love how this engagement shoot encompassed country living and that rural sense of home that I adore so much. From ready-to-harvest cornfields, tractors old and new, rubber boots and mud, everything was just perfect! Joel even proposed to Erica with his old tractor, and it was still set up in the same location, ready to pose with us too that evening!

This couple is so much fun and full of life. I'm very excited to shoot their wedding next May! Enjoy your previews. :)

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