Monday, October 27, 2014

Curtis & Meghan's Wedding

The rain that poured on Curtis and Meghan's wedding day did not damper the mood! In fact, it only added to the romantic ambience at the beautiful country home (where the portraits and reception were held) belonging to Meghan's family. The dark sky added a dramatic touch as a background effect.

Every aspect was memorable. Meghan looked like an absolute goddess in her gown, and her shoes! They were unbelievable. Curtis was one very handsome groom in his grey, tailored suit and purple tie. And of course, the wedding party was outgoing, friendly, and totally photogenic. What an adventure it was wandering around the gorgeous grounds with them, umbrellas in hand as we laughingly navigated muddy pathways. This is the stuff stories are made of!

Aside from the obvious beauty of the event, my heart was warmed by how loving and gracious everybody was. It is a privilege to feel so included in the family dynamics of such a special group of friends and kin. I know all of your wedding guests felt charmed by this atmosphere of welcome too. 

A random note. After the portrait session with the wedding party, my dress and boots were completely drenched. I planned on just trying to ignore the discomfort and keep working. But Meghan noticed how soaked I was, and next thing I knew she was running to her bedroom in her gown (with a broken wrist, no less) to retrieve a warm sweater, tank top, and flip flops for me. That act of selfless kindness, that she was thinking of me and everybody else on a day where she had every right to relax, be beautiful, and not worry about anyone else is proof and point that her beauty goes deep. Curtis is one lucky man to get to live with this girl for the rest of his life! But I think he knows this already- look who he proposed to!

It was an honour to be invited to capture their wedding. I know you'll have a wonderful future together. Congratulations you guys! XO

PS. To my amazing assistant and best friend Bobbie, thank you for holding the umbrella for me all day. You are so great.