Sunday, April 20, 2014

Winter Re-Cap

Well, hey there. The last time I wrote a "personal" blog was in November, so I thought now was high time for an update.

After having one of the roughest winters I can ever remember, the snow is finally starting to melt and I'm ready to come out of hibernation. Seriously though. This winter sucked. The snow arrived in the middle of November, and didn't let up until the middle of April. Not only did it snow consistently- causing our highways, businesses, and schools to be closed more often than not- but it was cold. Rarely did the temperature rise above -11 degrees Celsius. With the wind chill always in the -20s. Sometimes -30s.

(We even made it into The Huffington Post. Link to article here.)

As you might know, I live on a farm in rural Bruce County. Our road is not a big priority for being snow-plowed, and it's highly susceptible to major drifting and whiteouts due to the wide open farm fields and its proximity to Lake Huron. This meant that I was usually trapped at home for long periods of time (like, weeks.). 

Anyways, I'm not complaining too badly. My parents live right beside us on the farm, and although my dad had to travel a lot for work this winter and Nicole was at Laurier for school, I had my mom and Leah to keep me company. Our houses were warm, we had plenty of firewood, we learned how to stock up on groceries to last us until a break in the weather, and we had Netflix, an elliptical, and tons of books. So. We survived.

But I'll tell ya, I have never been more thankful for spring. 

April is my preparation month. I've been working on some exciting business ideas and upgrades that will hopefully be ready to be shared soon. I'm getting organized for the busy photography season I have ahead! May 24th kicks off my first of 15 weddings this summer. On top of that, I've booked a couple proms, graduations, family sessions, and small business promotions. I'm so excited to work. After a few months of quiet, I'm definitely ready to get back out there and do what I love to do. 

This blog will be very active again starting in May! A couple photo shoots should be posted every week, as well as a monthly update. I miss writing. It's fun keeping an online journal of sorts.

I'll leave you with some Instagram snapshots of my winter. Happy Easter everyone!

^Christmas on the farm. My decor, as well as my parents'. Minus the bottom left, that was taken at my aesthetician's spa. 

^Leah's hair and makeup I did for her performance at the Canadian Country Christmas Tour. That's her and Beverley Mahood on the right.

^It was a rare occurrence to see the sun this winter. So I always snapped some photos with my phone.

^Typical days on the farm.

^Top left: Home made pad thai with shrimp and crab
Top  right: Home made crab sandwich and pickled beets
Bottom left: Home made pickled beet, avocado, turkey, kale, and feta sandwich
Bottom right: Home made asian chicken stir fry 

^Top left: Fruity cocktails
Top right: Home made carrot ginger soup
Bottom left: Leah's rice wraps
Bottom right: Josh made me breakfast!

^siblings and selfies.

^Walks through Harrison Park, ice fishing on Chesley Lake, and Sauble Beach in the snow.

^The sun! So we took April for a walk.

^April, and Millie in the fur blanket.

^My fish Blythe Jr, Summer chasing me down the lane, and April & Millie on my parents' bed. Where they're not allowed to be.

^Top 2 photos: Visiting Grandma in Waterloo
Bottom left: Amazing house near my old apartment in Hamilton
Bottom right: MNR hockey tournament in Peterborough.

^Spring is finally starting to show on the farm. Yay!

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