Sunday, February 8, 2015

Alex & Sam

I have been so excited to share this engagement session! Way back in September I drove out to Alex and Samantha's beautiful farm near Mount Forest. 

I swear, I felt like I was on the scene of country music video. First of all, these two are so in love. They grinned and laughed and cuddled effortlessly. It was a delight to capture  them in their natural element. We explored a colourful fall forest, and showed off their healthy soy beans and corn fields.  They played with their three happy dogs, and we even managed to get them to all hold still for a few pictures!

As the sun was setting golden over the farm, they climbed on hay bales, walked the fields with their favourite dairy cows, and danced in the light of his truck's headlights. It was perfect.

Not only are Alex and Sam incredibly photogenic, but they are genuinely wonderful people as well. They were warm and welcoming, and funny! I felt like I had known them for years. Next June I'll be heading back out to the farm to shoot their wedding, and I couldn't be more excited.

They received their images a long time ago, but I still wanted to post a blog full of my favourites for everyone to enjoy. :)

Side note- Alex and Sam, I was so sorry to hear of the recent passing of your pup, Chester. I only met him once, but I saw how special and important of a family member he was. He was so gentle and friendly! And even in his old age, I loved seeing him energetically play with your other dogs and eagerly try to please you guys while we were setting up the family shots. What a good boy. 

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