Saturday, February 7, 2015

John & Angela's Wedding

Hello again! It has been so long since I have blogged! I've missed it, and am ready to pick up where I left off. There are so many beautiful sessions and weddings I can't wait to share! 

I thought John and Angela's wedding day would be the perfect place to start. You might remember seeing a blog I posted in the fall that featured Angela and a group of her friends a couple days before her wedding! Such an incredible group of people. And then I got to see them all over again a few days later!

If Josh and I were ever to re-do our wedding (haha!), we would want it to resemble theirs. It was so elegant but casual, sophisticated but laid back. Angela's parents' backyard was transformed magically into a fiesta/pool party for their closest friends and family. Twinkly lights and lanterns adorned the pool area, colourful table games provided ready laughs and entertainment, gorgeous gladioli-filled vases lined cheerful tables under the party tent, and the most perfect indie music floated overhead in the night sky. The pool was not just for looking at either; many of the guests refreshed themselves throughout the reception and I was wishing I had brought my bathing suit too! It was wonderful. 

John and Angela are a delight to be around. They emphasized repeatedly that their day was to be natural, informal and just full of fun, family memories, and love. I think they got their wish. And more so, because they also were stunning, classy and trend-setting in my opinion. 

Thank you for letting me capture your memorable day! I loved every minute of it. Hope you two are enjoying married life together; it's a beautiful world with your love in it.

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